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The MKEK JNG-90 (Nicknamed Bora) is a Turkish bolt-action Sniper Rifle that uses the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge designed and produced by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK). It is currently in use with the Azerbaijani and Turkish military.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

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Maximum ammunition

3 magazines

"This Turkish designed and developed sniper rifle has a reputation for outstanding accuracy. Coupled with a very fast bolt action, this makes the JNG-90 a strong alternative for any sniper wishing to go up against his peers."

— Play4Free Store Announcement

The JNG-90 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free for the Recon class.

Battlefield 3Edit


Inventory slot

Main weapon




Ammunition type

7.62x51mm NATO

Starting ammunition

66 + 11 rounds

Maximum ammunition

110 + 11 rounds

Reload time

2.5 seconds loaded
4.6 seconds empty



Up: 2
Left: 0
Right: 0

First shot multiplierDecrease per second



Standing: 5.0 (static) 6.0 (moving) Crouching: 4.0 (static) 5.0 (moving) Prone: 3.0 (static) 5.0 (moving)

Moving: 0.0 (static) 1.5 (moving) Crouching: 0.0 (static) 1.0 (moving) Prone: 0.0 (static) 1.0 (moving)

Increase per bullet

Decrease per second



Source of statistics

[1]Retrieved Oct. 10

"Easily identified by its massive muzzle break, the JNG-90 serves as the standard sniper rifle of the Turkish army. This modern rifle has integral rail systems and many other accessory options, making it adaptable to shifting situations. It provides the shooter great stopping power, as well as sub MOA accuracy."

— Battlelog description

The JNG-90 is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion and is unlocked upon the completion of the Bullet Point assignment. It was first seen in the Close Quarters Donya Fortress Gameplay Trailer.

The JNG-90 functions similarity to the L96, featuring a slow bolt cycle time, high bullet velocity, and a 10 round magazine. Its stats stand between the medium velocity rifles like the M40A5 and SV98, and the M98B with its extreme velocity. The bolt cycle times on both the L96 and JNG-90 are very slow compared even to the M98B while the magazine size is 10 rounds like the medium velocity rifles.

Like all bolt action rifles, the JNG-90 kills in one shot to the head at all ranges, and two shots to the body at all ranges where the rifle does not do its maximum damage. The chest multiplier makes one hit kills possible out to 15 meters. The damage profile is shared with the L96 and M40, giving slightly higher damage than the SV98 at extreme ranges, but lower damage than the M98B when up close.

Battlefield Premium members can equip the Berkut Camouflage on the JNG-90 and upon the completion of the JNG-90 Specialist, they can also equip the Navy Blue Digital Camouflage.

JNG-90 with bipod

JNG-90 first person model as seen in the trailer

JNG-90 First Person View (With no Scope)

JNG-90 Iron Sight

High Quality Render of the JNG-90

Wider 2D render.

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10 new assignments have released in the Close Quarters expansion pack released June 2012.


Unlocks – AUG A3

  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle Kills

Set Us Up The Bomb:
Unlocks – SCAR-L

  • 20 Kills with the Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • 15 Kills with Hand Grenades


Done Fixing:
Unlocks – ACW-R

  • 20 AT Rocket Kills
  • 30 Kills with Carbines

My Own Terminator:
Unlocks – MTAR-21

  • Get a Kill with the EOD Bot
  • 100 Kills with Carbines


No Shortage:
Unlocks – L86A2

  • 20 Squad Resupplies
  • 20 Kills with LMGs

Point Blank:
Unlocks –  LSAT

  • 10 Kills with C4
  • 10 Knife Takedowns


Team Player:
Unlocks – M417

  • 10 T-UGS assists
  • Capture 20 Flags

Bullet Point:
Unlocks – JNG-90

  • 50 Kills with Sniper Rifles
  • Win 3 Rounds of Conquest Domination

All Kits

These Hurt Too:
Unlocks – SPAS-12

  • 20 Kills with Pistols
  • 20 Kills with Shotguns

Hold the Trigger:
Unlocks –  M5K

  • Finish in the Top 5 of Gun Master
  • 100 Kills with Submachine Guns

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