Research Paper On Employee Retention

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The objective of perusing this study is to assess the level of satisfaction of employee retention techniques at GB Engineering Enterprises PVT Limited., Trichy.

This study gains significance because of employee retention techniques can be approached from various angles. It is desirable state of existence involving retention strategies generally fall in to one of four categories salary, working conditions, job enrichment and education. These four elements together constitute. The structure of employee retention techniques on which its totally is based. Addressing these issues demands a specialized approach in developing retention strategies, or the reality is the academic libraries may begin losing talented employees to non-library employers who can offer higher-paying jobs with better working conditions.

To study the opinion of the employee about the various aspect of the company. To study about how the organization takes interest &develop approaches towards the retaining employee. There is no significant association between educational qualification of the respondents and their overall retention techniques. This indicates that majority 55 %t of the respondents felt that the retention techniques of management are high and others felt its low

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