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In a highly competitive market, the objective of this two-part campaign was to create genuinely interesting and entertaining content and attract the attention of the media and the general public.

SEO goals included:

  • Increase Imperial Car Supermarkets’ search visibility via editorial links from good quality websites
  • Improve Imperial Car Supermarkets’ reputation with Google by securing relevant brand mentions on trusted online news publications
  • Grow Imperial Car Supermarkets’ brand awareness
  • Generate click-throughs to the website via the video on social channels

Use of a digital PR creative campaign, launching the world’s first car self-service checkout, where customers looking to buy a car can scan their car, pay and simply drive away, in the same way they can buy their groceries.

Assets included a video demonstrating the service, which was sent to the online media, and a blog post to drive links and traffic to the site.

Media promotion focused on motoring/automotive, viral, technology, general news and business outlets.



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Club Med (B) Case Study

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Answers to Club Med (B) Case Study 1) Are there problems in the recruitment process? Why? What are your recommendations?
Club Med, by understanding the case, is considered an high potentially turnover company, since it’s natural characteristics on type of business, and also, type of framework, mainly focused on person specifications, extremely dated on time.
Having considered these aspects, it seems obvious to the reader that Club Med is wrongly approaching the recruitment process, as a whole, consequentially affecting the company’s business on GO’s work condition. In order to clearly structure the recruitment problem, we’ve decided to split the global problem in several urgent issues to solve, being them, the selecting process, the…show more content…

And besides, being North American business so important to international step of Club Med, and considering the discrimination laws on North America, a model based on competency would fit much better the needs of Club Med.
Final Suggestions * Select and explain conditions to recruits following a competency model framework on the recruitment process, in order to reduce unhappiness and conflicts by recruiting the wrong candidates and providing GO’s a possible Career inside Club Med. * Provide a Training Module after recruited, informing and training the GO’. * Be more efficient on recruiting GO’s, reducing the waste of time and capital on “stocking” GO’s not allocated, yet.

2) Is Go turnover really a problem at Club Med? What are the pros and cons of high turnover?
First of all, it is important to notice that Club Med has a high turnover in the American Zone (nearly 50% of turnover rate) and a minor rate in European Zone (25% of turnover rate).
Jack Amazallag, director of Human Resources for Club Med's American Zone, describes the high turnover rate as a problem that has to be straightened out immediately in order to provide a better service to the clients and to the chiefs of the village.
The turnover occurred in four ways: 1) a GO quit before the end of the season (around 37% of the turnover cases); 2) a GO was fired before the end of the season (32% of the turnover); 3) a GO quit at the end of the season (27%

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