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Below are the ASU EDL Doctoral Program Dissertation Titles. Each dissertation is available for check out at the ASU library.

Click on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation.

Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published 2010 and after.

Year Author Title

A Comparative Evaluation of Instructional Levels Determined by the Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) Assessment and an Informal Reading Inventory

Caroline Scott Armstrong Beam

Perceptions and Enactment of Instructional Coaching in North Carolina

“Dreamkeepers”: School Experiences from the Voices of Successful Adult African American Males

Dropouts Who Return for Their Ged: Personal Reflections on the Socio-Cultural Issues Related to Leaving School

Perceived Factors of a Quality Student Teaching Experience

Journey to the Presidency: Stories from Women Community College Presidents

The Start Point: a Grounded Theory Study of Aspirations and Needs of Trio Students at the Point of Entry into a Postsecondary Enrollment or Postsecondary Attainment Program

Exploration of 21st Century Skills Development Among Educators and Students Engaged in Online Collaborative Educational and Cultural Exchange Program: a Case Study of Us-Pakistan Online International Exchange Program

The Summative Impact of College Access Interventions: a Program Evaluation of Gear up North Carolina

Integrative Learning Within Tutoring in Higher Education: Contexts for Connections

An Investigation of the Experiences of Minority Males Participating in the North Carolina Community College System Minority Male Mentoring Programs

Women in the Integrated Circuit: a Study Examining the Intersection Between Technology, Subjectivity, and the Academy

Casting the Circle: an Arts-Based Inquiry into Creating Spaces for Emergent, Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Higher Education

Melanie Duckworth Honeycutt

Examining the Effect of Leadership Practices on Sustaining a Technology Innovation

First-Generation College Students and Academic Advising: Words of Wisdom from Academic Advisors

Internationalization in Community Colleges: Perceptions Regarding the Role of a State Consortium

The Freshman Academy Impact: a Comparison of Ninth Grade Structures Through Analyses of Student Perceptions and Performance Data

Understanding the Educational Experiences of Graduate Counseling Students Engaged in Therapeutic Expressive Arts-Based Activities

“Visitor to All, Native to None”: How Digital-Native Teacher Education Students Use Bricolage and Multiple Modalities to Construct Knowledge

International Library Development in Africa: Benefits, Challenges, and Sustainability

International Library Development in Africa: Benefits, Challenges and Sustainability

Predictors of Success for Community College Developmental Mathematics Students in Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Courses

George Harrison Hendricks

Predictors of Success for Community College Developmental Mathematics Student in Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Courses

The Learning and Development of Non-Traditional Women Within Social Constructivist 3d Immersive Environments

A Comparison of High School End of Course Test Results of Athletes and Non-Athletes in Three North Carolina High Schools

Finding Our Voices: the Bittersweet Journey of a Dream for First-Generation Female Doctoral Graduates

A Study of the Relationships Between Extracurricular Participation in Selected North Carolina High Schools and Student Achievement as Determined by Cumulative Grade Point Average

Examining the Impact of Student-Generated Screencasts on Middle School Science Students’ Interactive Modeling Behaviors, Inquiry Learning, and Conceptual Development

The Beliefs of K-12 Public School Principals About Disabilities and How Those Beliefs Inform Their Leadership of Students with Disabilities

The Beliefs of K-12 Public School Principals About Disabilities and How Those Beliefs Inform Their Leadership of Students with Disabilities

The Relationships of Selected Curriculum Program Areas on Credential Attainment of African American Males Enrolled in the North Carolina Community College System

Spirituality as a Component of Transformational Leadership Among Selected North Carolina Community College Presidents

An Examination and Analysis of Middle School Transition Plans: a Study of Local Education Agencies and Middle Schools in North Carolina

Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Efficacy: a Correlational Study

The Effect of Technology Infusion on At-Risk High School Students' Motivation to Learn

Religious Knowledge Among Pre-Service Secondary Teachers of English and History

An Evaluation of a School System's Excursion into Online Instruction for Middle School Students

Digital Storytelling: Ordinary Voices, Extraordinary Stories

Exploring the College-Going Scripts of Students Enrolled in a Rural Early College High School

A Case Study of a Professional Learning Community: an Investigation of Sustainability with a Rural Elementary School

The Impact of a Middle School Tiered Mathematics Program on Academically or Intellectually Gifted Students: One School District's Response to High Stakes Accountability

Perceptions of Displaced Manufacturing Workers About Their Transition to Successful Re-Employment Through a Community College Education Experience: Six Stories of Success

A Phenomenological Study of High School Biology Teachers' Perceptions of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards in an Era of High-Stakes Testing

The Impact of Student Mobility, Gender and Title I Status on Measures of School Accountability

Lessons Learned: a Crisis Responder's Journey Supporting Friends in Crisis

The North Carolina Community College System Critical Success Factor 1 and the Association with Leadership Styles Practiced by North Carolina Community College Presidents

Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and the Relationship with Teacher Retention

A Spelling-Based Phonics Approach to Word Instruction for Children with Down Syndrome

The Effects of Dual Enrollment Credit and Huskins Program Credit on College Readiness

The Principal's Role in Defining a Student Success-Based School Culture: the Impact of Specific Behaviors on School-Level Teacher Working Conditions

Parental Perspectives and Decision-Making Processes About School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind in a Large Urban Elementary School

Exploring Common Characteristics Among Community College Students: Comparing Online and Traditional Student Success

A "Quickguide" to Inquiry-Based Physics Laboratory Reform

Experiences and Perceptions of Fatherhood Among Fathers with Sons Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders

Value-Added Effects of Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Funding on Students in the Surry County Schools

Perceptions of 21st Century Community College Leaders on the Role of Relational Leadership

Teachers' Perceptions of Professional Learning Communities as Opportunities for Promoting Professional Growth

Honor Bound: Exploring the Disparity of Treatment of Women in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Still Missing in Action: the Perceptions of African American Women About the Barriers and Challenges in Ascending to the Superintendency in North Carolina Public Schools

Navigating the Labyrinth: Women School Superintendents in North Carolina

Cognitive and Non-Cognitive College Readiness in Participants in Three Concurrent Enrollment Programs at a North Carolina Community College

Realities, Risks, and Responsibilities: A Critical Narrative Inquiry and Autoethnographic Exploration of Biculturality Among Black Professional Women

An Examination of the Relationship Between Ease of Navigation and Course Completion in the Online Learning Environment

A Program Evaluation of North Carolina's Statewide Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (Gear Up).

Associate Degree Nursing Students: a Study of Retention in Nursing Education Programs

Readiness to Lead: Perspectives of Graduates and Advanced Doctoral Students Answering the Call to Lead in Community Colleges

The Creation, Communication and Implementation of an Organizational Vision: Principals' Perspective in a Rural Education Setting

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Life at Appalachian State University

An Investigation of Issues Associated with the Transition from Eighth to Ninth Grade in a Rural School District

The Perceived Role of the Media Coordinator as School Leader in the Sustainability of a Major Technology Initiative

The Impact of Academic Self-Efficacy and Socio-Demographic Factors on Academic Achievement of First-Generation Community College Students

Exploring Leadership Qualities Among K-12 Public School Principals in North Carolina Successfully Implementing State-Mandated Technology Initiatives

Reclaiming Personal and Pedagogic Identity Through Social Constructivism: an Educator's Journey and Collaboration in Family Literacy Practices

Ordered Chaos: the Implications of Childrearing in the Underrepresentation of Women in Educational Leadership Positions

North Carolina Community College System Virtual Learning Community Evaluation

The Effects of Classroom Interior Design Elements of Eighth Grade Language Arts Students' Psychological Well-Being

Early Transition from High School to College: an Ethnographic Case Study of the Obstacles and Strategies That Emerged in a Rural North Carolina Community College

Formation of Teacher Mental Models Regarding Technology Configurations, the Factors Influencing Their Formation, and Teacher Receptivity to Adopting Alternative Configurations

Teacher Recruitment, Rural Schools and Student Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Teacher Recruitment Strategies in North Carolina

An Examination of the Impact of Relative Age at School Entry on North Carolina Students - a Predictor of Future Outcomes

The Implementation of a Response to Intervention Problem-Solving Model in a Rural Elementary School: a Qualitative Case Study

Analysis of North Carolina Economic Factors That Accurately Explain Student Performance in North Carolina Public Schools

A Study of Middle School Students' and College Sophomores' Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Islam and Muslims


  • Predictable Endings or Dramatic Finishes? A Bayesian Approach to Prediction of The Amazing Race  Winners (2017)

  • Predicting Social Value Orientation from Personal Information and Survey Metadata (2017)

  • Immigration, Economic Hardships, and their Influence on Anger and Anxiety in Preschool Aged Children (2017)

  • Impact of Sea Level Rise Threat to Real Estate Market in Miami-Dade, Florida (2017)

  • All the Feels: Sentiment Analysis Between Emoji and Text (2017)

  • Predicting House Prices – OLS vs Data Mining Approaches (2017)

  • Gender and Co-sponsorship in U.S. Congress (2017)

  • The Potential Effects of Income Inequality on the Obesity Problem in China (2016)

  • Bayesian Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Model with Markov Switching: Applications in Currency Market (2016)

  • Accessing Social Influences of Congressmen with Keyword Network (2016)

  • How presidential election in 2016 affects the stock market – A Twitter sentiment analysis perspective (2016)

  • Social Media Interface and the Next Generation Cognitive Mapping in New York City (2016)

  • Using Statistical Tools to Predict Football Match Outcomes (2016)

  • Time Series Methods in the R package mlr (2016)

  • An Application of Machine Learning Methods in Bitcoin Network: Detecting Double Spends (2016)

  • The Role of Labor-Protective Institutions in Gender Gap (2014)
  • Survival Analysis of Digital Technology Employee Retention in a News Media Organization (2014)
  • At Risk on the Road: A Cluster Analysis of Traffic Crashes in New York City (2014)
  • Disparities in the Age of Autism Diagnosis and Intervention Onset: National Survey of Children's Health 2011-2012 (2014)
  • The Effects of Stop-and-Frisk Quotas on Racial Profiling in New York City during 2013 (2014)
  • Investigating the Effects of Financial Incentivization on Fertility in Singapore, and Perceptions Towards Marriage, Parenthood, and Pro-Natalist Policy (2014)
  • Educational Homogamy and Relationship Sustainability: A Comparative Study of Differences between Heterosexual and Same-Sex Couples (2014)
  • Who is Next: Predicting the Outcome of Current Death Row Inmates in the United States (2014)
  • Understanding the Relationship between News Consumption and Individual Perceptions of Security in Iraq (2014)
  • Modeling Modules: Enrollment Patterns in a Modularized Developmental Mathematics Course Sequence (2014)
  • Demographic Trends in Virginia 2013 
  • Learning-by-Doing and Its Implications for Economic Growth and International Trade (2013)
  • Personalized Treatment Effects: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment (2013)
  • A Quantitative Analysis of Post-Incarceration Substance Use (2013)
  • Monastic Land Ties and Anglo-Saxon Lords (2012)
  • Analysis of Racial Disparities in NYPD's "Stop-and-Frisk" Policy (2012)
  • Occupation Licensing Requirements and the Manicure Industry (2012)
  • Group Buying Site Selection Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (2012)
  • Solar Power Plants: Performance Modeling (2012)
  • Is Prospective Memory Ability Flexible?  Manipulating Value to Increase Goal Significance (2011)
  • Environmental Demand and Housing Markets: An Empirical Evaluation of the World's Former Largest Landfill (2011)
  • She Enjoyed Transporting the Amish Community and Gardening: Social and Cultural Capital in the 21st Century (2010)
  • Making the Right Decision on Draft Day: Forecasting Draft Order, Career Longevity, Career Opportunities, and Star Players in the NBA (2010)
  • Geometric and Algebraic Interpretations of 2x2 Games and their Nash Equilibria (2010)
  • The Inaugural Youth Olympic Games as a Catalyst for Sports Tourism in Singapore (2010)
  • The Impact of Changing Economic Conditions on United States Army Recruiting Trends (2009)
  • Experimental Test of the Accuracy of Proxy Reports with External Validation (2009)
  • Assessing the Cost of Providing Care to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) by Home-based Care (HBC) Programs in South Africa (2008)
  • Entrepreneurship versus Micro-franchising: A Baseline Study of Small Business Owners and Fanmilk (2008) 
  • Measuring and Explaining "Good" Management: A First Step toward Improved Performance (2008)
  • Stock Market Returns Predictability: Does Volatility Really Matter? (2008)
  • Institutions and Ephemera in Urban Reform: The Municipal Expenditure Effects of Council-manager Government (2007)
  • Mostly Working with Giraffes: The Importance of Peers and Role Models for Adolescent Girls (2007)
  • Multiple Perspectives to Analyzing the Prevalence of ADHD (2007)
  • On Stage: How Organizational and Cultural Forces Shaped American Musical Theatre (2007)
  • Proposing the Sino-African Trade Initiative and Other Ways to Improve Trade
  • The Effects of Migration on Household Poverty: A Disaggregated Migrant Network Approach (2007)
  • Will a Nation Be Happier with a More Even Income Distribution? (2007)
  • An Econometric Approach to Evaluate Media Effectiveness: An Auto Insurance Example (2007)
  • Behavioral Extensions to the Topology of Fear: A Gedankenexperimen (2007)
  • Charter School Innovation: Fact or Fiction? (2006)
  • Does Immigration Lead to Increases in Crime, or is it One Big Illusion? (2006)
  • Homosexual Behavior in the United States, 1988-2004: Empirical Support for the Social Construction Theory of Sexuality (2006)
  • The Impact of Family Structure on Children's Access to Health Care: An Exploratory Analysis (2006)
  • Re-examining Asian Americans as a "Model Minority" (2005)
  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Social Inequality through Education: An Exploratory Study (2005)
  • What are the Factors which Decrease the Number of Children Women Have in their Lifetime? (2005)
  • Academic Rankings: A Trivial Contest? (2004)
  • Seniors in Japan: Their Lives and Happiness (2004)
  • The Effects of Teenage Parenthood and Experience with the Criminal Justice System on the Transition to Adulthood (2004)
  • Psychological Control and Preschoolers' Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors in China (2003)
  • Standardized Testing and Accountability in United States Public Schools (2003)
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