Integrated Devices Case Study

Unformatted text preview: Case: Managing Supply Quality: Integrated Devices C p and C pk Calculations x=4.000536 C=4 T=0.06×2=0.12 Ca=4.000536-40.12/2=0.00893 =0.029629 Cp=T6=0.67501 Cpk=Cp(1-Ca)=0.66898 Cpk<0.67----D level This process, with a C p of 0.67501 and a C pk of 0.66898, is not capable of prevent quality defects from occurring. Is Integrated Devices Reactive or Proactive? Integrated devices is reactive because only after Bill received a call concerning a recurring manufacturing problem at Integrated Devices’ Plant No. 3 was anything done. The plant had also previously been experiencing quality variability problems leading to problems in production that far exceed the component’s purchase price. They did not act proactively by conducting surveys or have a dedicated process engineer. They also weren’t checking up on the supplier and taking occasional samples in order to make sure that the supplier was continuing to deliver the promised quality. Lastly, they weren’t making sure that the factory continuing to deliver the promised quality....
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Global Skyware

formerly Skyware Global

Satellite Terminals Manufacturer

Challenge: Mark Steele characterized the situation at Global Skyware very poignantly. After joining Global Skyware as CEO several years ago, Steele had to address many challenges, such as improving competitiveness, profitability and driving efficiency through process discipline. “At Global Skyware, the company was under-performing from a quality standpoint, a delivery/service standpoint and even had very, very poor safety performance,” Steele said.

Solution: To improve competitiveness and regain profitability, Global Skyware needed a better quality management solution than its outdated, ad hoc collection of software could provide. The end of the IQS implementation project, the Global Skyware team and IQS were able to bring Global Skyware into compliance with ISO 9001 within a single year, which by any measure of progress is an impressive feat in today’s highly dynamic, global manufacturing industry.

Results:  After implementing the IQS solution, Global Skyware was able to report significant progress. In short, without IQS, Global Skyware would have had a very difficult time achieving similar results with a different solution. The Global Skyware team improved all of its key quality metrics, which included:

  • First-pass yield on key processes well above 90%
  • Scrap rates of less than 2%
  • Rework rates of less than 3%
  • On-time delivery rates above 96%
  • Only two recordable safety incidents in 2014

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