Television Or Internet Essay

The Negative Impact of Internet and Television on our Youth Essay

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The Negative Impact of Internet and Television on our Youth

Meet Jane Doe. Jane is sixteen years old and is "down" with all of the most popular trends. In the morning, Jane washes her hair with Fructise Fortifying shampoo and conditioner. Under her massage therapy showerhead, she rinses away the sweet smell of plumeria from her Bath and Body Works body wash. She hops out of the shower and straps on her cream Victoria Secrets bra and matching panties. As she slides on her dark brown Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, she sways to "Hey Ya" by Outkast blaring out of her Sony 5 disc CD player. She runs to her PC, starts the Internet and quickly finishes her weekend homework from her online literature class. She hears the ring of her Nokia…show more content…

The mysterious man slowly trudged over to the house. A ghostly wind swept back sheer curtains covering a sliding glass door to a bedroom of the two-storied house. A second breeze blew the curtain to reveal the mysterious man standing inside head turned down and arms out to his sides. A young woman is sleeping in the same room. The man quietly strides to edge of the bed keeping the same pose. The young women started to stir. Without moving the man puts his hand in to the pocket of his long brown coat and skillfully slides out a large knife. Turning on to her back, the young woman yawns, stretches and slowly opens her eyes. A deafening scream protrudes from her mouth as she spots her unwelcome visitor. The scene suddenly moves to the floor of the bedroom. Horrendous screams, loud crashes and slices of the knife could be heard.

Jane quickly turned the channel; her face filled with utter horror. She slowly turned her head from left to right scanning her living room. A bolt of lightning flashes outside of the window. Wide-eyed, Jane bolts to the corner of her living room. Shaking, she creeps over to the window and pulls down the curtain. Jane is terrified. She had never thought that anything like that could ever happen. Why would a human being want to kill another human being?

Turning off the television, Jane looks around for something to take her mind off what she just saw. She spots the computer and rushes over to it.

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Children in Britain sit in front of a TV or computer screen for four-and-a-half hours a day, alarming research reveals.
Youngsters now spend an average of one hour and 50 minutes online and two hours 40 minutes in front of the television every day.
A report released by research firm ChildWise suggests that screens are increasingly turning into electronic babysitters and young people in the UK are spending more time plugged in than ever.
It found that children spend more time in front of a screen in one day than they spend exercising in the entire week.
The worrying research found that 97 per cent of 11 to 16-year-olds own a mobile phone – eight per cent more than the percentage of adults who own one.
And it showed that young girls have a voracious appetite for celebrity magazines such as OK! and Heat rather than more traditional teenage fare such as Jackie.
The study came as an academic warned that youngsters are using mobile phones to learn about each others’ bodies and access X-rated porn rather than learning about such matters ‘behind the bike sheds’.
Dr Emma Bond, an expert in childhood and youth studies, said adults ‘need to take our heads out of the sand’ about what is happening to young, impressionable children.
‘The research shows how children are using mobile phones in obtaining sexual material, developing their sexual identities and in their intimate relationships with each other,’ she added.
The Monitor Report 2010-11 found that children spent only two hours a week exercising in school, and taking part in physical activity out of school.
Two in three children aged between five and 16, and 77 per cent of children aged 11 to 16, have their own television or personal computer and, despite fears about online safety, almost half have internet access in their own room.

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