Durham University Philosophy Phd Dissertation

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Graduated in

Thesis TitlePost if known
Armitstead-Pinkney, Lucy2007The Role of Emotion in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
Becker, Daniel2014History of Endocrinology

Bergamin, Joshua


In the Beginning was the Word: Concepts, Perception, and Human Being

Booth, Anthony2006Epistemic Normativity
Booth, Jennifer2012Folly and the Museum
Bortolan, Anna2016The Relationship Between Affectivity, Narrativity, and the Self: A Phenomenological Perspective
Bowden, Alan2015Aesthetic Perception, Attention and Aesthetic Psychology
Bowden, Hannah2014Phenomenology of psychiatry - a phenomenological study of bipolar disorder
Brown, Victoria2013Public Health Issues and General Practice in the Area of Middlesbrough, 1880-1980
Buckhalter, James2014Wittgenstein, truth, and ethics
Capstick, Martin 2015Phenomenology and Behaviour Prediction
Carruth, Alex2014Dispositions in the Metaphysics of C.B. Martin
Catelan, Stefano


Philosophy, Logic and Metaphyics

Cheyne, Peter


Ars Biographica Poetica: Coleridgean Imagination and the Practical Value of Contemplation

Clarkson, Richard2011The Metaphysics of Mental Representation
Clapson, Philip2012The Theory of Brain-Sign
Conduct, Matthew2009In Defence of Naive Realism
De Brito Serra, Bruno


The Politics of Rationality: A Critique

Diaz-Amado, Eduardo


Juridification and Biopolitics

Eichberg, Stephanie


Crossing Boundaries in the Life Sciences: Experiment and the Question of the Human-Animal Analogy

Earnshaw, Owen2012Recovering the Voice of Insanity: A Phenomenology of Delusions
Fong, Lai Yan2016The Proof of Emptiness - Bhaveka's 'Jewel in the Hand'
Graham, Claire2013Descartes' Imagination; Unifying Mind and Body in Sensory Representation
Guilherme, Alexandre2008Spinoza and German Philosophy

Guo, Xi-Yang

2018Dimensions: A New Ontology of Properties
Guta, Mihretu2015In Defence of the Importance of Substance Ontology for Personal Identity and the Self/Person
Hannon, Elizabeth2010The Nurture of Nature: Biology, Psychology & Culture
Harrison, Gerald2006Political Philosophy and Moral Responsibility
Hassan, MohammedErnst Cassirer and the Gestalt Structural Space of Perception
Hughes, Thomas2015Grammar, Ambiguity, and Descriptions: A Stud in the Semantics of Definite Descriptions
Ihara, Yassushi2006Metaphysics
Ishige,Yumi2006Identity & Differences
Kaida, Daisuke


Physicalism, Mind, and the Ontology of Properties

Kato, Takafumi2014

Philosophy of mind and aesthetics

Kane, Brendan (MA by Thesis)


Physicalism, Mind and the Ontology of Properties

Kidd, Ian James


The 'Problem of Reality' in the Later Philosophy of Paul Feyerabend

Kirkby, David


Cognitive Science/Meta Ethics

Lancaster, Cheryl2018A history of embryonic stem cell research: Concepts, laboratory work, and contexts
Li, Meng2012The History and Philosophy of Science
Mackintosh, Elizabeth2015Philosophical - Medical and Applied Ethics
Malt, Alexander2015Embodiment and Grammatical Structure: An Approach to the Relation of Experience, Assertion and Truth
Manley, Christopher2013Does the art object communication intention? (A Wittgensteinian analysis of the language used in the communication of an art object)
McDougall, Edward2013Heidegger and East Asia: Continuing the Dialogue

McNeil, Bevis


Nietzsche and the Idea of eternal return

Meadows, Philip2000Visual Perception

Merlussi, Pedro

Laws of Nature and Free Will
Mckinnell, Elizabeth2010Environmental Ethics
Miller, James2014The relationship between metaphysics and language; metametaphysics
Morricone, Corrado2015Education, Democracy and Representation in John Stuart Mill's Political Philosophy

Newbrook, Alexander

2018Justice, Environment and Virtue in Martha Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach
Ni, Minghong2014Philosophy of Science: Nancy Cartwright's Philosophy

Nyrup, Rune


Hypothesis Generation and Pursuit in Scientific Reasoning

O'conaill, Donnchadh2010Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind and the Subject
Pantazatos, Andreas2007The Motivating Element of Moral Judgement
Patterson, Matthew

Emergence and Casual Powers

Pearson, Olley


Rational Action and Tense

Peden, William

2018Confirmation, Decision, and Evidential Probability

Pollard, Emily

2018The Ethics of War: A New Individulaist Rights-Based Account of Just Cause and Legitimate Authority
Pranghofer, Sebastian2011Visualisations of the Human Body in Anatomical Discourses in Early Modern Europe
Proctor, Duncan2011Dialogue and Objectivity: An Account of Moral Disagreement
Rea, George2006Hume's Problem, Epistemic Deductivism, and the Validation of Induction
Reichard, Ulrich2014Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics, Philosophy of Linguistics
Scibberas, Colette2011Buddhism and Environmentalism
Seddon, Robert2012The Ethics of Cultural Heritage
Shannon, Nathan2018Constituting Normativity: A Phenomenological Study of Agency
Sheykh-Rezaee, Hoseyn2007Reduction of Scientific Theories
Smith, Toby2006Nihilism in Nietzsche, Heidegger and Levinas
Stopford, Richard2013Adorno's Critique of Judgement: the recovery of negativity from the philosophy of Kant and Hegel
Tahko, Tuomas2008The Necessity of Metaphysics
Tallant, Jonathan2005Temporal Minimalism: The Metaphysics of Time and Temporality
Tanner, Julia2008Animal Ethics
Taylor Aiken, Amanda2012The Role of Relatedness and Alienation in Interpersonal Understanding
Taylor, Henry2015Consciousness and the heterogeneity of attention
Traykova, Aleksandra2018Optimizing Hybridism: A Critique of Naturalist, Normativist and Phenomenological Accounts of Disease in the Philosophy of Medicine
Turp, Michael-John2012Naturalism and Normativity

Westland, David

2016Powers, Necessitation and Time

Winstanley, Paul

2011Conceivability and Possibility, Apriority and Necessity

Winthrop, Jonathan


Can Science Investigate Supernatural Phenomena: An Investigation into the Relationship between Science, the Supernatural, and Religion

Worah, Pallavi

2015Philosophy of Language and Mind
Yang, Sunny2007Emotion and Intentionality in Understanding Value and Personal Identity from a Humean Point of View
Yavuz, Mesut Malik2016Death, Freedom and Narrative Thinking: Existential Analytics

I am studying single honours Philosophy, my dissertation is on the extent to which 20th Century advances in perceptual psychology undermine Quine’s philosophical views on reference and translation. The program at Durham provides thorough training across a range of philosophical domains. For my particular interests, the department’s world-leading teaching and research into the philosophy of science is particularly important and I am grateful that I am able to develop skills in this area to take into my postgraduate study. Tutorials at Durham provide ample and necessary opportunities to discuss one’s own opinions on the relevant philosophical issues in each module. The undergraduate philosophy society is also an excellent way to do this in more cordial environments, and the undergraduate journal Critique, which I am editor of for the academic year of 2016/17, is an excellent way to share one’s exciting and innovative work.

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