Jmu Chemistry Research Papers

There are a lot of ways to find articles:

General Databases

General Databases are an excellent starting point for finding articles. General Databases cover a range of topics and include both popular and scholarly articles. Each database also covers different sources, so you might consider using more than one.

Look for these Icons while Researching:

Link to full-text online
Library scans articles and emails them to you, usually in 2-3 days.


By Topic

Finding articles by topic is a good way to locate scholarly and popular articles. Choose a database by subject.

Finding Refereed / Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer Review, also known as refereed, is a process where the article is reviewed by experts in the field before publication.

Find Articles by Citation

Use this web form when you need to get full text for a citation (Example Citation: Morrow, B. "The Emerson Madrigal." Conjunction 29 (Fall 1997):100-112.)

Find Journal Titles (Periodical Locator)

Use this when you want to know what magazines, journals, and newspapers JMU subscribes to (online and in print), or to browse the table of contents for online journals

Finding News Articles

Newspaper articles provide information about current and historic events. Remember that newspaper articles may contain bias and are written for the general public.

Finding Citation Indexes

Traditionally, citation indexes are used to find out who has cited a paper in published research. The idea is that if, someone cited an article in his/her research, then the topic is likely related to the topic of the original work. You can search these with an article in mind or just by key word searching.


Need Help? Ask the Library.

Research (n) "is the diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts,theories, applications, etc."

Chemistry majors are encouraged to do research during their time of study at JMU. Many students start in their sophomore or junior year. Working one-on-one with a faculty mentor teaches students about the discipline and thrill of discovering new scientific phenomena and presenting them to the scientific community. There are research opportunities with faculty in all of the major subdisciplines of chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical). Many of the faculty mentors have projects which involve studies in more than one of these traditional areas or branch into other disciplines including biology and materials science. Below are some of the research interests of our faculty. For more information on specific projects, contact the individual faculty members.

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