Women And Society Essays On Success

A Woman's World Essay

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A Woman's World

There is a great distance present between woman in education and woman in society. Women in society, specifically the work place, do not reflect the portrayal of women in education. There is a thin line present between the identity of woman and what characteristics are needed to succeed in the work environment. Woman are capable of obtaining the characteristics that lead to success however, many may question where, when and how these traits are taught to women. In " What Does a Woman Need to Know? b Andriene Rich states that woman may need to look farther than what lessons are provided in standard education in order to achieve success in the working environment. " There is no women's college today which is providing…show more content…

The majority of teachers are woman who decide how and what is taught. Woman are struggling to obtain such different roles in society compared to the roles portrayed in these children books. It seems as though the situation has demonstrated a revolving cycle. Children are taught that a successful woman is otherwise known as a "mommy". Today in society, many women view success as something related to the work place. The portrayal of women in what is being taught is far from the reality of what women are trying so hard to obtain in the work place. If the majority of teachers are woman, then why aren't they teaching the tools to survive successfully in the work place? If women themselves have never been taught these ideas and have had to learn the survival techniques from within, then there is no common lesson present to teach. These lessons are defined differently for each individual through experience, time, and observation. Being a teacher in a career dominated by women, one is rarely challenged in the way that woman are challenged in the " mans world". Predominately teachers may not even be aware of the challenges women face outside of a teachers profession. If they do, they have not experienced it themselves, and therefor may not know how to go about implying survival skills through the education that one is providing. If women teachers are not aware of what society's disadvantages are then they can not teach

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