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Eligibility for the University Honors Program

The University Honors Program accepts applications from first-time students who are currently in high school, from SIUE students who are already in attendance, and from students at other colleges and universities who are planning to transfer to SIUE. All students must be admitted to the University before they can apply for the University Honors Program.

For students currently in high school

  • Applications for high school students are only available for fall entry.
  • ACT composite score of 25 or higher or SAT
  • High school GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale

Note: Students who have earned an ACT score of 27 or higher or an SAT score of () may want to consider also applying for the University’s Meridian Scholarship. Meridian Scholars are automatically admitted to the University. The Scholarship application can be found here:

For college-level students

  • Applications for college-level students are available for fall entry and spring entry.
  • Completion of less than 60 credit hours (not counting any college credits earned in high school through dual enrollment, AP credits, etc.)
  • College cumulative GPA of 3.5


Important note: Any student, whether in high school or in college, who does not meet the exact criteria, yet is interested in the University Honors Program, should apply. As part of the application, you should explain any extenuating circumstances that should be considered and why the Program is still a good fit for you and the University. The Director will consider these applications on a case-by-case basis.


  • For high school seniors entering in Fall 2018: PRIORITY CONSIDERATION – WEDNESDAY, 28 MARCH 2018. 
  • For current SIUE and transfer students entering in Fall 2018: PRIORITY CONSIDERATION – TUESDAY, 1 MAY 2018

Applications after these dates will be reviewed on a space-available basis. If the link below is still active, we are still receiving and reviewing applications.



The University Honors Program uses an on-line application in order to make the application process straightforward and intuitive. Using the information below, you can work on your application off-line before doing the on-line submission. If you work ahead, the actual application should only take you 15 minutes.

  1. A list of accomplishments that highlight your involvement in your school and community. The application includes the following areas (although you do not have accomplishments in each area).
    • Academic Achievements & Recognition
    • Organizations & Activities
    • Athletic & Artistic Endeavors
    • Community Activities
    • Volunteering & Community Service
    • Work & Internship Activities
    • Other Activities Not Listed

       2. A prepared essay answering one of the questions listed below. Please follow these guidelines:

    • The essay will be uploaded through the on-line application process.
    • The essay must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
    • The essay should be double spaced.
    • Please be sure that your name is on the essay.
    • The essay has a maximum word count of 1,000 (approximately 2-3 pages). While there is no minimum requirement, you should be sure that your essay is complete, answers the question, and takes a creative approach to the question.
    • Please save the essay format as Last Name, First Name. For example, if your name were Rose Smith, you would save the essay as “Smith, Rose.

      3. The name and contact information of an academic reference. If you are currently in high school, it should come from someone who has taught you or had other academic contact with you during your junior or senior years. If you are a current college student, it MUST come from a person who has taught you at the collegiate level.

Essay Topics

A. What makes you unique? Discuss the personal qualities that make you stand out from others and the experiences that have helped to shape you. How have these unique qualities led you to be interested in attending SIUE and how do you anticipate harnessing them to contribute to the SIUE community, the nation, and the world.

B. Red, blue, or green? 

C. The deepest human impulse is poetic. Humans create categories to make the world meaningful experience -- the experience of the world and our actions. Such categories (idea/matter; physical/spiritual; form/substance; proper/sketchy/whack; productive/wasteful; divine/human/animal) allow us to navigate the world and order our relationship with our companions. For this essay, create, explain, and apply (give examples) of YOUR basic categories for navigating the world.

Application for the University Honors Program

Admission Requirements

  • Graduate School application and $40 fee
  • Submission of all post-secondary academic transcripts
  • Successful completion of a bachelor's degree prior to enrollment
  • Minimum GPA of 2.50
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Applicants who hold a PhD, MD or the equivalent in a recognized field from an accredited university need not submit a GMAT score. Applicants with a 3.5 or better GPA in undergraduate business degrees from AACSB-accredited business programs or a 3.5 or better GPA in undergraduate engineering degrees from ABET-accredited engineering programs can waive the GMAT/GRE requirement.
  • Personal history information
  • International students must also earn a minimum score of 550 of the paper-based TOEFL or 213 on the computer-based TOEFL.

Program application materials may be uploaded during the application process, but official transcripts must be sent directly from the school attended, and test scores must be verifiable with the appropriate testing service. Please contact the Graduate Admissions office with questions regarding the application submission process at

Admission to the MBA program is based on a variety of factors including undergraduate grade point average, overall score on the GMAT and its parts (Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing), and previous work in other graduate programs. At least two years of work experience is recommended for students entering the MBA program. Students recently admitted to the MBA program have had, on average, a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) of 3.2 (A=4.0) and an overall GMAT score of approximately 520.

Review the SIUE Admissions Policy for more information.

Students who are admitted to the SIUE DNP program and who hold a Master's degree in Nursing may submit Registered Nurse/NCLEX documentation or NP, NA, CRNA, CNS, or MW certification with their SIUE MBA application for GMAT/GRE waiver consideration.

Students who are admitted to and pursuing a PharmD degree at SIUE and who wish to apply to the MBA program at SIUE may submit an application to the Graduate School for review once they have earned the equivalent of 106 semester hours. A currently enrolled SIUE PharmD student, upon approval of the MBA Program Director, will be allowed to enroll in a maximum total of six credits of graduate level business course work until the student has earned the equivalent of 124 semester hours, at which time the student would be allowed to enroll in further courses toward the MBA program. Currently enrolled SIUE PharmD students may submit a recent official PCAT exam result for consideration of waiving the GMAT exam; minimum composite, verbal, and quantitative scores on the PCAT are required for a GMAT waiver to be granted.

Students who were not admitted may appeal. These appeals are handled by the MBA program director. Students seeking an exception are required to provide the program director with evidence supporting the reason such an exception should be granted. The program director's decision regarding the appeal is final.

Unclassified Status

An applicant with an undergraduate grade point average of 2.8 or higher may be permitted to enroll in classes for one term as an unclassified student prior to taking the GMAT. In most cases, no more than 6 credit hours of course work can be taken prior to receipt of the scores by the School of Business Student Services Office.

Entry Competencies

Students are expected to enter the program with competencies in computer software and statistics. Students without a background in statistics will be required to demonstrate proficiency in statistics by satisfactory completion of MS 251 or an equivalent course of study. Students without background course work in computer software are encouraged to complete the equivalent of CMIS 108. Completion of MS 251 or CMIS 108 will not earn academic credit in the MBA program.

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