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Tips for Writing an Effective Nursing School Essay

Monday, November 02, 2015

There's more to applying to nursing school than handing over your transcripts and other credentials. Most RN programs require applicants to write personal statement essays. These essays help decision makers at the school get a better feel for the applicant and why they want to join their program. If there's one aspect of your application you don't want to rush, then, it's your essay. You don't have to be a professional writer to craft a terrific essay, but it pays to keep a few things in mind along the way.

Top Six Tips for Writing an Effective Nursing School Essay

  1. Map it Out - Writing a nursing school essay is not the time to wing it. Begin by mapping out the key points you'd like to address. Jot down the qualifications you'd like to highlight, and come up with a bold, compelling opening statement. Create an outline to follow as you write your essay to keep it concise and easy to read.
  2. Stand Out - Remember that actual humans will be reading and assessing your essay. They're used to reading essays that are filled with generic, bland statements. Make yours stand out by including plenty of personal anecdotes that are relevant to the topic at hand. Whenever possible, provide personal examples to reinforce any points you make. The goal is to make readers understand that an aspiring RN wrote the essay, so make it as personalized as possible.
  3. Share Your Aspirations - It's one thing to state that you want to become an RN. It's another to explain why. How do you see your career unfolding? What long-term goals do you have in mind? Sharing these and other aspirations in your essay will help personalize it further and show decision makers that you're passionate about becoming a nurse.
  4. Show You Care - As you outline your main motivations for becoming a nurse, don't forget the most important reason of all: a desire to care for others. After all, that's what nursing is all about. The most successful RNs are naturally empathetic people. Find ways to express the giving, selfless side of yourself in your essay. For instance, share a story about a time you acted as a caregiver to someone else.
  5. Highlight Your Qualifications - Sure, the people assessing your application will have your transcripts. However, seeing your qualifications listed on a sheet of paper doesn't give them the whole story. Throughout your essay, find ways to not only highlight your qualifications, but also to explain what you took out of your experiences along the way. If you did relevant volunteer work, for instance, explain what you learned from it and how it will help your career as an RN.
  6. Explain Why You're Applying to Their Program - The people reading your essay certainly think highly of their nursing program. It never hurts to stroke their egos a little by including specific reasons you had for applying to their school. Demonstrate that you have a decent grasp of what the program is about, and explain why you believe completing it will make you the best RN you can be.

Writing a nursing school essay may seem like a daunting proposition, but anyone can craft an effective one. You just need to take a methodical approach and keep the tips above in mind. Before submitting it, have a few trusted friends read it over to ensure it's up to par. Remember: A great essay may be the key to getting into the nursing program of your choice.

Don’t Make These Three Mistakes On Your Nursing Personal Statement

If you are just beginning to write your nursing personal statement, read the advice below so you don’t make these three mistakes on your nursing personal statement. If you have already written a draft nursing personal statement, then use these guidelines to help review your work in the hope of improving it. These are the tips a professional editor would probably offer.

  1. Don’t write an “ordinary” nursing personal statement, which looks just like all the others.
  2. Don’t forget to explain how you became interested in the nursing field and your love for it.
  3. Don’t leave out information about what you have been doing to prepare for a career in nursing.

Professional editors, whose primary job is to review and critique essays submitted by medical applicants, know that this is a highly competitive field. A nursing personal statement which avoids the three mistakes listed above and focuses on the writer’s passion for the field probably has improved his or her chances at being successful in the application process. A polished and creative personal statement nursing could enhance your likelihood of acceptance by making your application memorable.

Personal Statement Nursing Essay Suggestions

First, don’t write an “ordinary” nursing personal statement. You want to make your essay remarkable by writing from your heart about the passion you feel for the field. Many candidates start their essay by writing “I have always wanted to be a nurse.” This is a hackneyed approach which will probably not capture the immediate interest of the admissions committee. Personalize your essay by writing about your own experiences and special motivations. Write in clear, strong language which is easy to follow. Be professional in your approach to the essay.

Second, write about how you became interested in the field. Your nursing personal statement should include a story or anecdote which illustrates how you became interested in nursing as a career. The story can be a personal, family experience or an incident which occurred during volunteer work or an internship. Describe your passion for the medical field in this personal statement nursing.

Third, remember to review how you have prepared for a career in the medical field. Your nursing personal statement should include solid information that shows the reader your commitment to the field and your efforts to have practical experience prior to pursuing an academic degree. If you do not have volunteer experience, perhaps you could write about personal experiences which have motivated your application.

Following these suggestions should help you create a professional and unique essay. The nursing personal statement should describe your dedication and zeal for the field.

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