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Assessment coversheets

For every piece of work handed in, a coversheet needs to be submitted at the same time. Your co-ordinator, tutor or lecturer will tell you how to do it for their particular unit of study.

This can be either in class or online via email or another online submission client.

There are two different types of coversheet in use at the Media and Communications Department:

  • Individual assessment coversheet - use this coversheet when you are handing something in that you alone have worked on.
  • Group assessment coversheet - use this coversheet when you are submitting something you have done in a group. There is space on the form for three people. If there are more than three people in your group, then use another coversheet.

Documents on this page are in editable PDF format. These are readable by downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat available from this website. If you are on a Mac, you can use the Preview application to open them as well, though you will not be able to edit them in Preview.

Submission of written work

All written assignments must be submitted through Turnitin. Written work must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the due date specified in your unit outline.

Unless otherwise agreed, seminar/tutorial papers fall due on the week after you have given your seminar or tutorial presentation.

Students are required to keep a copy of all assignments in case an assignment goes missing.

Late Policy

The Faculty of Arts policy on late work is that if you fail to submit your work by the due date you will lose marks. Late penalties apply from the day after the published due date. The penalty applied is two marks (out of 100) per day, where ‘day’ refers only to working days (ie week days). For the purpose of this policy, ‘two marks’ means two full points off the awarded mark, not two percent of the awarded mark. So, an assignment due on Thursday 4 September and handed in on Tuesday 9 September, and awarded a before-penalty mark of 68%, will be awarded a final, penalised mark of 62%. For assignments marked out of a maximum total other than 100, the penalty will apply pro rata.

Submitting in class

  • Download the form from the link above.
  • Fill in the details required on the form. You may save the form by selecting "Save as..." from the file menu of your browser.
  • You can also just print out the form and fill it out manually.

Submitting online/by email

This is done only when you have permission to do so from your tutor or lecturer.

  • Download the form from the link above.
  • Fill in the details required on the form. Save the form by selecting "Save as..." from the file menu of your browser. Save this form as "Your_name_Studentnumber" as a PDF file (.pdf). For example, "john _smith_309123456.pdf
  • Submit it to your tutor or lecturer via email, by attaching it to the email with your assessment.

Collecting Assignments

You will be emailed or notified in lectures when your assignments are ready. Please wait to be advised rather than contact the admin officer. Assignments not distributed during classes (or returned after semester) can be collected from the main school office on level 3 during office opening hours:

Mon - Thur: 10am - 5pm/ Fri: 10am - 4pm

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